your unique requirements

A full range of scalable

Staffing Services

The right staff augmentation solutions can help organizations meet the challenges of the clients and their project needs. It is a cost-effective way to increase and expand staff and accomplish special or seasonal projects.

SGN Software offers a full range of services including Contract, Contract-to-Hire,
 and Vendor Management Consulting. Our technical IT experts have a unique implementation schedule to execute the staff augmentation model in a cost-effective method. The service includes commerce solutions, application development, maintenance and Search Engine Optimization.

Customized Recruiting

SGN Software recruits the right executive who fits your culture, aligns with
your organizational goals and help your company grow. We specialize in locating, screening and presenting only the hard-to-find top-level executives.

We partner with our clients to find the right executives to steer the ship to success and profitability. Once we have identified potential candidates, a rigid screening process follows, whereby we zero in on the candidates who possess the qualifications to meet your requirements. Realizing that our client’s time is very valuable, we present you with only candidates that have a high probability of acceptance.