Real-time analytics

in just a few clicks

All the cloud analytics features in a single solution

The SAP Analytics Cloud solution offers business intelligence (BI), augmented analytics, predictive analytics, and enterprise planning- in one cloud environment. Make confident decisions based on data-driven insights for your business, without relying on IT or data and analytics experts.


Get everything in a single cloud solution- from natural language processing to AI-powered data discovery, analysis, visualization, and prediction.  Embedded in SAP Analytics Cloud’s BI and planning workflows, the features democratize analytics and help everyone go from insight to action in a fraction of time:

Search to Insight: Natural Language Processing and Query

Chat with your data using conversational AI and natural language processing (NLP). No knowledge of query languages like SQL, R, or Python is required. Get insightful answers to your questions immediately.

Smart Insights: Instant Context and Explanation

Dig deeper into your data visualization without manual efforts. You can reveal the top contributors behind values or variances and understand the factors contributing to your KPIs with just a click.

Smart discovery: Automated Insights and Data Storytelling

Use automated machine learning models to reveal relationships and hidden patterns in a specific dataset without manual effort. Generate data visualization automatically, surfacing important insights, along with enabling interactive what-if simulation.

Smart Predict: One-click Predictive Analytics Tools

Predict outcomes and generate forecasts with the push of a button. Automate sophisticated predictive analysis and augment your BI experience using three machine learning algorithms – classification, regression and time-series.