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Begin your journey to an intelligent enterprise

RISE with SAP is a subscription based service that offers a holistic, on-your-terms, and on-your-timeline transformation by omitting all the guesswork and piecemeal license purchases required for cloud adoption.

One Commercial Construct:

ERP, Infrastructure, and Technical Services

What are the Components?

RISE with SAP includes 5 core elements that help businesses accomplish their digital transformation goals.


A complete, adaptable cloud ERP platform driven by AI and analytics that lets you operate mission-critical operations in real time from any location, launch innovative business models, and expand globally.

Business Process Intelligence:

Analyse, improve, and monitor your processes to accelerate digital transformation and drive process improvements.

Technology Cloud Credits:

Accelerate your migration to SAP S/4HANA Cloud and promote quicker and more coherent innovation with SAP BTP consumption credits.

SAP Business Network Starter Pack:

Share data and orchestrate workflow by creating digital, dynamic and collaborative connections with suppliers, carriers and asset service providers.

Embedded Tools and Services:

Get services pertaining to lifecycle management, analytics, support, and more that you need to know when making the move to SAP S/4HANA Cloud.

Why choose RISE with SAP?

 With SAP S/4HANA being the foundation of RISE with SAP offering, you can gain

100 times faster reporting
Embedded AI technology
Real-time advanced analytics
Streamlined data display
Consumer-grade UX across devices
End-to-end support for sustainability
50% reduction in your data footprint
Choose SGN Software

Select deployment options for an SAP-hosted or hyper scalar approach to deliver IaaS benefits of high performance and reliability at scale to accelerate your journey to the Intelligent Enterprise.

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