Migration made easy
and cost-effective

Overcome Migration Roadblocks
with SGN Software

The value proposition and related improvement depend highly on the motivation and selected approach for each upgrade project(s). The value proposition is specific to every customer because their system landscapes and SAP software in use is very unique.
Furthermore, SAP customers have different needs to achieve further improvements in operational excellence or to become enabled for future business motivation.

SGN Approach to upgrade methodology help achieve the desired result.
SGN's experience in SAP System upgrade and testing provides organisations with direct access to a highly skilled upgrade service team. Our testing methodology consists of a number of steps. Each step has its own processes, procedures and pre-defined deliverables. Organisations can have complete project control from initiation to close. SGN's approach helps organisations from the initial idea to a fully live and operational system.

Meet the ever-changing demands of the market due to dynamic customer requirements.
For companies to improve their service, provide innovative solutions and build new business models, SAP ERP is getting deeper business functionality. Hence, SGN offers its customers the newer functionality in standard SAP to run their business.